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General terms and conditions for classes and workshops

The following general terms and conditions are valid for all classes and workshops organised by Luna Bellydance starting september 2013 for an unlimited period of time. By participating in classes or workshops, you automatically accept these terms and conditions:

About the weekly classes

In the weekly classes you will learn the basic techniques of bellydancing, such as good posture, isolating movements and dancing in harmony with the music. You will learn to handle props such as veils, canes, finger cymbals, etc ... We will be covering several topics throughout the year and learn at least one choreography. You can start with classes at any time! Want to learn specific things? Don't hesitate to ask! Every year, students will be given the opportunity to perform at the “Belly 2 Belly” festival in Maasmechelen. This is optional! All other performances will be done by Luna's showteam Indirah.

Classes are divided in different levels, according to the dancer's dancing experience. Each student can decide, after consulting Luna, to move on to the next level at any point.
An overview of the different levels:

Level 1: meant for dancers with very little to no (belly)dancing experience. The contents of this class will be repeated every year. Each students can choose to take the level 1 class multiple times in a row or to move on to the next level after a year of class. New students can start at any time.

Level 2/3: meant for dancers with a least a few months of bellydancing experience or students who have completed the level 1 class. The contents of this class changes every year, though the different topics (veil, saidi, technique, ...) rotate every 2 to 3 years. A student should therefore be in this level for about 2 to 3 years before moving on to the next level. Each students can of course choose to stay in this level for a longer period of time.

Level 4/5: meant for dancers with a least a few years of bellydancing experience. The contents of this class change every year, though the different topics rotate every 2 to 3 years, containing new material every time. This class focuses on advanced techniques and personal feedback.

Open level: this class is a mix of levels 2/3 and 4/5. We will be focussing mainly on technique for intermediate dancers, with extra options and layers for the advanced dancers!

For each class, a minimum of 10 and maximum of 30 dancers is required. Therefore, pre-enrollment is required, including for taking a taster class. Enrollment can be done through the form on this website or by sending an e-mail.

Students are requested to arrive on time for classes. Before the class starts, attendance is checked, punch cards are marked and payments are made.
Enrollments in Genk for level 1 are from 18:55-19:00, open level from 19:55-20:00. This means a class hour actually lasts 55 minutes.

All up-to-date classdates are mentioned on the website.

Prices and payment

The amount due for all weekly classes and workshops is always mentioned on the website and in the newsletter. Payments for weekly classes are preferably done in cash and has to be done before the first class starts.

There are 2 rate options for weekly classes:

  • A student can enroll for the entire session (= cheapast rate for weekly classes, 215€ for 30 classes). If a student starts with the classes later in the year, he/she will have to pay the amount matching to the number of classes that remain. Students who enroll for the entire season also get extra benefits, such as discounts on workshops from Luna and guest teachers, free rehearsal classes, early bird prices, etc...

    There is no refund in case classes that are paid for are missed. Class money cannot be transfered to the next session. In case a student is not able to attend classes herself, she may, after consulting Luna and with a written consent of the student, have someone else take the classes from her. In case a student misses a class, she can, after consulting Luna, make up for the class in one of the other groups that are parallel with the class they are in. Classes that have been missed during the season 2015-june 2016 can be made up for until december 2016 (included).
  • A 10 classes punch card can be bought, which is valid for a period of 4 months. (price 80€). It is the responsibility of the student to bring her punch card to class and have it marked prior to the class starting. In case the student forgot her card, the drop-in rate will be charged for that class. Lessons that are not used within the period of 4 months, cannot be refunded nor compensated, you cannot make up for it in another group. 10-lesson punch cards can be used for all classes at all locations. Though they are not valid for the rehearsals of Indirah or workshops.
    If a student is not able to use the punch card herself, after consulting Luna and with a written agreement of the student, someone else can take over the punch card.
  • Taster classes
    A taster class can be taken the whole year round at the discounted rate of 5€. Throughout the year, there can be special deals for taking free taster classes. These deals are always limited in time. Free taster classes are only meant for new students and are only advertised on the website, the newsletter or on flyers/ads of Luna Bellydanc. For taking a free taster class, pre-enrollment is required.

Exception: if a student misses class because of injury or ilness, there will be a compensation of the classes that were missed (either by a refund or by transferring money to the next session) provided Luna was notified before class started. A doctor's note may be asked.

Participants can choose to quit classes at any time, however classes that are already paid for, will not be refunded.
Luna may change the rates of classes at any time.

A class may be cancelled due to lack of enrollments and/or illness/injury of the teacher. If this is the case, all class money will be refunded. In case a session is only partly cancelled, only that part will be refunded.


The amount that is due for workshops is always mentioned on the website, in the newsletter and on flyers of Luna Bellydance. Payment can be done in cash or by wirement. Your enrollments is only confirmed after paying the full amount. After enrolling through the website or mail, you will receive an e-mail with all payment details.

If a student cancels her enrollement up to 7 days before the workshops, class fees will be refunded - 5€ administration costs. In case of cancellation after that date or a "no-show" no refunds will be made. The student can however, after consulting Luna, have someone else take her place.

A workshop may be cancelled in case of unsufficient enrollments or illness/injury of the teacher. All fees will be refunded in that case.


Participating in classes or workshops is at own risk. By participating, you declare to be in good health. Luna cannot be held responsible for injuries or accidents. Please notify Luna on beforehand in case you have any physical limiations are if you are pregnant. Always consult a doctor in that case before joining. Luna will pay attention to the correct execution of movements in class and good posture. However, it is your responsibility to listen to your body and not force it!

Luna Bellydance cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of personnal belongings.

Contact data and Privacy

When enrolling for a class or workshop, it is required to provide an up-to-date and valid e-mailaddress and phonenumber.

All data that are gathered by Luna Bellydance either through the enrollment form, by writing or by mail, are solely for internal use.

All communication about classes and workshops are spread online, either through the website www.lunabellydance.be, facebook, the newsletter or direct contact by mail. It is the student's responsibility to consult these communication channels. Only in case of last minute cancellations or alterations (f.ex. illness of Luna hours before class starts), a text message will be sent to the number that the students has provided.

When enrolling for a class or workshop, you are automatically joining the newsletter of Luna Bellydance. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

For questions or remarks about these general terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact me at info@lunabellydance.be

Latest update: 12.08.2015


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